The Bridge Between Open Shifts and Available Clinicians

At PRN on Demand, our mission is to create new connections between healthcare facilities and qualified clinicians.

What sets us Apart?
Healthcare Expertise
Our founders and management team have extensive experience in healthcare staffing. We are leaders in nurturing relationships while maintaining the highest values of personal integrity, professional ethics, dignity, and respect for every individual.
Our Passion
We are committed to serving those in need, contributing to our community, and creating opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people.
Using Technology for Good
By employing the latest technologies, our digital platform enables us to eliminate inefficiencies in traditional healthcare staffing companies, save on costs, and maximize happiness.
Always Available
People need care 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The PRN on Demand platform connects clinicians with open positions anytime and anywhere.
Empowered Clinicians
Clinicians earn their star-rating based on performance. The better they fulfill their duties on shifts, the better their reputation – which means they get more work!
The Right Time for PRN on Demand
Does your facility struggle to anticipate staff call-offs and have contingent staff waiting in the wings? PRN on Demand fills open shifts at the last minute.
What’s the Word about PRN On Demand?
It’s a given that our own internal staff is going to call off. Now we don’t post our open positions until we are sure that our own staff can’t cover the shift.
I love how easy it is to pick up work that fits in my schedule. The app notifies me when a shift is available, and I can decide if I want it.  Plus, I love the extra pay.
We used to create staff schedules in advance, but they always changed at the last minute. PRN on Demand saves us hours of time and eliminates the hassles of finding coverage.
Your next shift is just a click away!
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