Our PRN on Demand platform can do everything better

Need a nurse for a shift that starts in 4 hours? No problem. Clinicians are nearby, already screened, experienced, and ready to work!

How It Works
PRN on Demand is easy for both facilities and clinicians....
Posting and filling shifts has never been easier, just a few steps...
Create a profile for your organization
Post an open shift
Our algorithm matches you with the perfect clinician
Clinician arrives and clocks in using app GPS
Clinician finishes shift and clocks out using app GPS
Facility shift approval
Invoice is sent for payment via credit card
We find open shifts in your area. You choose when you work!
  • Create your profile: Tell us about yourself, your qualifications, and the areas where you would like to work.
  • Send us some documents: Upload your clinical license and other necessary information for screening.
  • Pick up shifts: Once you are vetted as an independent contractor clinician to work in healthcare facilities, you will receive mobile notifications of open shifts that you can choose to accept.
What’s the Word about PRN On Demand?
It’s a given that our own internal staff is going to call off. Now we don’t post our open positions until we are sure that our own staff can’t cover the shift.
I love how easy it is to pick up work that fits in my schedule. The app notifies me when a shift is available, and I can decide if I want it.  Plus, I love the extra pay.
We used to create staff schedules in advance, but they always changed at the last minute. PRN on Demand saves us hours of time and eliminates the hassles of finding coverage.
Your next shift is just a click away!
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